Pilates Process™ training offers a progressive, refined approach to Pilates. Our method incorporates current scientific research on biomechanics and core stability. This constantly evolving information guides us to continually improve and adapt our teaching.

Developed in 2003 by master instructor Laura Helsel, the Pilates Process™ method started as therapeutic education and quickly evolved into a fully comprehensive Pilates training program. Certification courses are frequently held in Toronto and Thunder Bay, ON as well as Vancouver and Kelowna, BC.

For a broader description of the Pilates Process teaching approach, read Laura's current blog.

Key features of Pilates Process™ training include:

Small class sizes

We are detail oriented and limit class sizes to 12 students so that everyone gets the assistance they need. In fact, we add an assistant when the class is more than 8 students.

Commitment to students

We really want you to understand the material, not just memorize it and we have developed creative, diverse methods of teaching to ensure just that.

Exceptional teachers

We have extremely high standards for teacher trainers. All of our teachers have extensive experience and are passionate about Pilates, their teaching and their students.

Therapeutic Pilates

Understandably, not every fitness teacher wants to teach therapeutically. It is a reality however, that every teacher will come across clients with pain and injury whether they plan to or not. Our training is infused with our therapeutic knowledge so that you will feel prepared and confident when those situations arise. Furthermore, if you do want to pursue therapeutic teaching you will be very well prepared to do so.

Pilates Process™ also hosts Franklin Method® workshops and continuing education courses.