Toronto Group Classes

Our livestream groups listed below, are being phased out over the summer to be replaced by the Video-On-Demand option.
In-studio group equipment classes are capped at 3 participants at this time. Due to studio capacity limits, please contact us to request class registration.
The in-studio class schedule can be viewed here and will be updated regularly.
We plan to expand our classes to 5 participants and more class offerings in the Fall.

Pilates Process™ Video-On-Demand

We've carefully developed our library to offer a broad range of fitness and movement choices to support a healthy lifestyle. Effective videos for when you have only 5 minutes to release shoulder tension or an entire hour to devote to a full body workout.

Learn more about our Video-On-Demand offerings.

New to Pilates? Check out our new virtual series: Intro Pilates Course. Designed for beginners it can get you started with at home Pilates. Click the link above.