Our Pilates Process™ teachers are exceptionally trained and they are as equally passionate about Pilates as they are about the art of teaching. Their diverse backgrounds add to their own personal teaching style. Discover more about this talented group below.

Paul Guitard - Studio Manager, Teacher

Hometown: Bathurst, NB

I am an Acadian through and through. I was first introduced to Pilates while dancing. I was inspired to see the positive effect it can have on people; that is what drew me to teaching Pilates. I love teaching and practicing Pilates; sometimes when you teach, you forget how wonderful it feels and then you do it ... AMAZING!  When I’m not teaching Pilates, my other interests include ... OY! where does one begin?!  A- Acting, Architecture B- Ballet, Baking C- Cycling, Comedy D- Dancing, Drama E- Europe, Environment... I could go through the whole alphabet!

Emilie McCabe - Teacher

Hometown: Toronto, ON

I am a Toronto native and I first encountered Pilates while in my early 20s at my dance school. Initially, I was drawn to Pilates as a way to lessen back pain but I was quickly impressed by the strength and mobility that accompanied that pain relief. Since my teens, I have known that I wanted to teach. As a young adult, Pilates instruction afforded me an outlet for that vocation while I was pursuing a career in academia. Now, Pilates instruction is a full-time occupation for me. As a teacher, I want to help my clients to learn about their bodies through Pilates training in order to enrich the rest of their life. My goal as a Pilates instructor, whether in the capacity as a fitness or therapeutic instructor, is to teach my clients skills that they can use to get the most out of their Pilates experience, to enhance the other physical activities in which they participate, and to promote pain-free living in their everyday life.

Vinka Vukicevic - Teacher

Hometown: Foca

I am originally from Foca, which is 70km away from Sarajevo where I worked and studied until the civil war started. Toronto is now where my family and I call home. I was introduced to Pilates for the first time in 2004 while searching for a way to recover from a knee injury and strengthen my body. At the time I was looking after my children. I always enjoyed physical activity but I became passionate about Pilates and was amazed with the results and impact that it had on my body. I decided to study the method to be able to understand it more. While apprenticing I found satisfaction in helping people to become stronger and more mobile. I enjoyed working with clients of all age and fitness level and it became my career. I love both teaching and practicing Pilates. Teaching is very rewarding in many ways as is taking Pilates classes. Pilates affects me in a very positive way.

Neesa Kenemy - Teacher

Hometown: Toronto, ON

My first introduction to Pilates was through a few workshops at Ryerson Theatre School. It was incredibly hard and confusing and I could barely keep up. I actually became a Pilates instructor as I knew a deeper knowledge of Pilates would help my own dancing. Soon, I realized I could quit my hateful restaurant job if I began to teach it. I love how effective Pilates can be at helping bodies heal and how quickly we see results. I love how specific we can be in our teaching. I enjoy working with the same client and watching their bodies change and become stronger. I like how amazing Pilates feels! When I’m not teaching, my other career is performing and dancing. My other other career is raising two kids.

Jessica Knight - Teacher

Hometown: Coaldale, AB


I was born in Coaldale, Alberta but I now call Toronto home. I was first introduced to Pilates through a good friend who was teaching at the time and thought it would be a great fit for me. What drew me to teaching was a pure interest in the body and movement and the importance of movement in my life. I love the way Pilates makes my body feel. When I finish teaching someone and they feel brand new, it warms my heart! When I’m not teaching, I’m a mother of three! I have no time for other interests at the moment!

Tiffany Knight - Teacher

Hometown: Coaldale, AB

I was born in Coaldale but have called Toronto my home for 30 years! My first introduction to pilates was at the age of 10 as a student of the National Ballet School.  Pilates was instrumental to me as a professional dancer. My sister, who also teaches at the Pilates Process, encouraged me to get back into a pilates practice after a long hiatus when I retired from the National Ballet. The reunion felt so good in my body that I followed her encouragement and took the teachers' training course offered here at the studio. My reintroduction to pilates and this method specifically, invigorated me: while the integrity of key pilates principles has been preserved, the science and efficiency of body and movement has evolved tremendously. What I love about pilates is the opportunity to encourage change and create new habits. It is so full of possibility and hope!  I'm so exited for this newly found passion and career, and for the thrill of the enormous learning still ahead of me. Outside of teaching, I am focused on my family and raising my toddler. And while I still have a deep appreciation for dance, theatre and the arts, I also love food and wine and have my level 1 sake certification.

Christine Oksanen - Teacher

Hometown: Ancaster, ON

I was first introduced to Pilates at the Riverdale studio, working with Monique. I had only heard of Pilates and thought it sounded like a good idea as I was nearing 40. I just happened to walk into the studio and Paul signed me up for two weeks on the spot! I was fascinated in the first session by the idea that I could effect movement just by imagining it. I was drawn to teaching Pilates after Pascal, my husband, had passed away. I needed to figure out some way of living outside of the way we had made our life together. Learning about the teacher training program and working with Angela Lewis, gradually made me think this was a possibility. When teaching Pilates, you are thinking about what is going on with the body in each exercise, and how you would explain that effectively to another person - which is very difficult. You are also always trying to figure out how each individual makes sense of what you are saying. The struggle for clarity is interesting in itself. When doing my own Pilates practice, I think examining more closely what is going on in your own body (in order to explain to others) and finding that your body can do more things than you thought possible, is exciting. I appreciate it more. When not teaching Pilates, I have worked for many years as a garden designer and gardener and it is still something I do. Other interests of mine include cooking (especially baking), tennis, and reading history.

Beatrice Politi - Teacher

Hometown: Sudbury, ON

I was first introduced to Pilates at the Riverdale studio. I started out as a rehab client after a recommendation from the physiotherapist at Riverdale at the time. Back then I was incredibly broken! I’m a television journalist by trade, and after experiencing 20 years of chronic back pain and seeing how Pilates helped relieve that pain, I began studying to become a Pilates instructor. Pilates, for me, is like meditation. I love the precision and the mindfulness. It is intentional, considered and yet fluid. For me, Pilates has been about creating new neural pathways for my body and my mind. It has been an integral part of my path away from pain. So much so, that I decided to become an instructor. I hope that in my teaching, my students will come to find Pilates as challenging and satisfying as I do. It’s incredibly rewarding to see people feel better and move with more ease. When I’m not working, I love to keep in shape, work out, eat and travel.

Meghan Cafferky - Teacher

Hometown: Victoria, BC


We moved a lot when I was growing up, but B.C. is where I call home.My introduction to Pilates was through my best friend. She is a Pilates instructor and she suggested I get into it. Our first session together was after I had my son and I was trying to recover from a c- section.I was drawn to teaching Pilates through my background as a dance teacher. I taught dance for over a decade and I am passionate about teaching but I wanted to move in a different direction. The thing I enjoy most about Pilates are the principles. I value the fact that by practicing Pilates, I am working towards creating balance in my body in an effort to have my body functioning in the most healthy and effective way possible. As a former dancer, I felt a lot of pressure to achieve goals that were centered on aesthetic. I find a huge sense of satisfaction to be able to experience my body in a physical way that has less to do with how it looks when it moves and more to do with how it functions in movement. I have found Pilates to be very empowering. Through teaching Pilates I hope to offer others the same experience. When I’m not teaching, I love traveling, camping and hanging out in nature, DIY pinterest crafts and hanging with my family.

Meredith Clinton - Teacher

Hometown: Carleton Place, ON

The ballet school I attended introduced me to Pilates at 16. Pilates has been my physical practice of balance and it has been fundamental through my dance career. Helping people feel better has always been the most rewarding thing about teaching. Pilates has helped me so much through the years and I love the way it makes me feel. I enjoy sharing that with others. I get so much energy from teaching. There is something so kind about pilates. You don’t have to push yourself into anyone else’s ‘shoes’. You just show up and work with what you got.   Other interests: I love to cook, people watch, dance, garden, hang out with my nephew, go see art..

Ana Claudette Groppler - Teacher


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