Toronto Pricing

Pilates Process™ Video-On-Demand

We've carefully developed our library to offer a broad range of fitness and movement choices to support a healthy lifestyle. Effective videos for when you have only 5 minutes to release shoulder tension or an entire hour to devote to a full body workout.

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New to Pilates? Check out our new virtual series: Intro Pilates Course. Designed for beginners it can get you started with at home Pilates. Click the link above.

Introductory Private Session $ 65.00

Starting with an in-studio private session is ideal. You get a sense of our studio, equipment and approach and we can offer personal guidance and feedback so that your Pilates path works for you.

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Virtual Mat Classes $12.00

Our virtual mat classes are being replaced by our Video-On-Demand subscription. Livesteam classes will be offered weekly. Stay tuned!

*Prices do not include HST