Teaching Therapeutic Movement: Ten Things You Need To Know

For every Pilates teacher who has felt uncertain, overwhelmed or anxious when teaching clients vulnerable to pain, this book is for you.

Laura draws on decades of experience to set some simple guidelines that give teachers a structure from which to work.

Designed for new teachers in her Toronto studio this pragmatic book is a must for anyone who wants to gain confidence and clarity in the complex realm of movement, pain, and teaching humans.

“A fundamental guide for teaching movement to rehab clients; incredibly accessible yet grounded in research and physiology. Recommended reading for all new therapeutic professionals.”

Ellen Leung, Physiotherapist

“This book may be small but it is mighty. Laura has distilled many years of scientific study and therapeutic experience and created these simple but profound lessons. I feel this is essential to know and remember when guiding others on their journey toward moving and feeling better. Highly recommended!”

Scott Allen, Physiotherapist