Teacher Training: Vancouver

Level 3 Mat

Advanced Mat Teacher Training. Learn the advanced mat repertoire or refresh your teaching skills with our in depth guided Pilates Certification.
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Pilates Mat Sidebend

Pelvic Floor Workshop

This pelvic floor workshop is filled with updated info that goes well beyond the kegel. Open to anyone interested in improving low back and pelvic function. The additional add on workshop for Pilates teachers will allow you to better serve clients with any pelvic dysfunction.
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Pelvic structure skeleton

Cadillac Course

The Cadillac is the quintessential piece of the Pilates equipment that offers a huge exercise repertoire, accessible for all levels of fitness.  There are super challenging series for athletes, and a full specturm of options for therapeutic work.  The higher table and standing series allow possibilities for everyone.
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Pilates Cadillac Training

Level 1 Mat

The first step to becoming a Pilates teacher.  Learn the fundamental Mat repertoire and so much more!  We introduce the basics of functional anatomy, postural analysis and programming, cueing and communication in a creative, supportive and fun environment.
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Pilates mat training

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