Director - Pilates Process™
Hometown - White Rock, BC.


Like many Pilates teachers, I came from a career in dance. Pilates seemed like a perfect fit for someone with decades of experience in analyzing movement and I thought perhaps it would be a stepping-stone to something else. I never imagined it would be so compelling or that it would become a full-time career and such an ongoing obsession.


After working as a Stott Pilates™ instructor trainer for several years, I opened my own studio Riverdale Pilates (now Pilates Process™) in 2001. With goals to examine and explore, adapt and change, I immediately began to seek out courses that would give me a deeper understanding of core stability and biomechanics.


I was extremely fortunate to study with Australian Physiotherapist Greta von Gavel for several workshops and it forever altered my approach to core stability training. This put me on a path to further learning and inspired me to develop teacher training programs with a new approach to Pilates. The Pilates Process™ method began in 2003.

Franklin Method®

In 2011, I was introduced to the Franklin Method® through a weekend workshop with Morten Dithmer. Attending with my colleague Monique Trudelle we were simply blown away. The movement method offered brilliant, accessible ways to help people profoundly alter their posture and movement habits. We immediately committed to doing the full Level One training and we are now amongst a small group of Franklin Method® educators in Ontario. The Franklin Method® significantly influences our Pilates teaching and all of our instructors have had some exposure to this teaching.