Teacher Testimonials

“Having taken Pilates training in several different methods, I found the Pilates Process™ Reformer training to be exceptional. The instructors were hugely experienced and so eager to help every student improve their teaching abilities that it was an inspiring experience throughout. The passion for Pilates and for teaching was apparent from everyone I worked with. I have taken the Therapeutic Pilates Course (twice!) since then, and have had the same positive experience.”

Geordan Coupland

Dancer, Pilates Instructor, Lethbridge, AB

“Taking the Therapeutic Pilates course with Laura has transformed me as a teacher. My assessment skills have improved immensely. Laura is an excellent communicator and her Therapeutic Pilates course is a must for any Pilates instructor working with injured populations or anyone with postural imbalances.”

Debbie Ross

Post Rehab Conditioning Specialist, Ross Pilates, Thunder Bay, ON

“Our job is to care for people’s health, not just work them out. I feel this is a really valuable method and I got more tools than from any other certification I have ever taken. This really added to my skills and I appreciate where Laura is taking Pilates.”

Pia Jmioff

Kinesiologist, Rehab Specialist, Oliver, BC

“I am so blown away by the quality of teachers I meet who have completed your teacher training programs, and I myself would love to update my certification with one of your courses”


Body Mason Studio Owner, Toronto, ON