“I am 55 yrs old and I cycle to work every day. Because of a chronic complaint with my hip and low back/SI joint, I started going to the Riverdale studio. It is a wonderful place with friendly, skilled and knowledgeable staff. I had tried Yoga before but never Pilates. I have learned so much about my own body and now have better mechanics and mobility. My core strength and balance have improved, as have some of my hip issues. I no longer have back complaints at all. My physiotherapist has even incorporated some of the exercises into her own practice.”

— Susan Reid

“After two children I started to experience significant hip pain while trying to get back in shape through my typical program of running and weight training. After treatments with many different health care practitioners who couldn’t fix my hip (or back pain) I tried taking Pilates at the Riverdale studio. The instructor was so knowledgeable she not only identified and fixed my hip problem but I also got into the best shape of my life in the process.”

— Sara Chown

“Laura is a lifesaver. I came to her after years of physiotherapy and medical attention for my dislocated shoulder and torn ligaments in my knee. Laura’s attention to detail and knowledge in rehabilitation helped me to build up the micro muscles around my knee and to increase mobility in my shoulders. Not only did it alleviate the pain, it took away the backaches that were associated with it. With a stronger core and bigger range of motion it took 5 strokes off my golf game!”

— Brad Meiers

“I am fifty years old and I’ve never been athletic or muscular. I started Pilates with Laura on the recommendation of a physiotherapist from whom I received treatment for a chronic, painful lower back. After much trepidation, I went mountaineering -the realization of a long-time dream. Without Pilates I would not have been able to even contemplate it. The core strengthening proved essential to the rigors of the climb, the balance crucial to my safety, and my newly developed body awareness a great comfort when dealing with my fear of high exposure.”

— John Becker