Pilates Teacher Training

About Our Method

With the Pilates Process approach our concern isn’t that the client performs Pilates well, though that will happen over time.  Our aim is that Pilates serves the client well helping them develop more efficiency, greater stability, balanced power and improved posture through pilates correction exercises.  This approach is profoundly different from other methods. For a broader description of the Pilates Process teaching approach, read Laura’s current pilates blog.

Key features of Pilates Process™ training include:

Small Class Sizes

We are detail oriented and limit class sizes to 12 students so that everyone gets the assistance they need. In fact, we add an assistant when the class is more than 8 students. For pilates training in Canada, Toronto and Vancouver, Pilates Process is the perfect place for your pilates certification and pilates instructor course.

Commitment To Students

We really want you to understand the material, not just memorize it and we have developed creative, diverse methods of teaching to ensure just that.

Exceptional Teachers

We have extremely high standards for teacher trainers. All of our teachers have extensive experience and are passionate about Pilates, their teaching and their students. Become a pilates teacher today with our pilates teacher training at Pilates Process!

Therapeutic Pilates

Understandably, not every fitness teacher wants to teach therapeutically. It is a reality however, that every teacher will come across clients with pain and injury whether they plan to or not. Our training is infused with our therapeutic knowledge so that you will feel prepared and confident when those situations arise. Furthermore, if you do want to pursue therapeutic teaching you will be very well prepared to do so.

Certification courses are frequently held at our Pilates Process studios in Toronto and Vancouver as well as in Kelowna – Vernon BC. 

Foundational Reformer Course: Summer 2023 St Catherine’s ON

Lost ‘n Found Yoga in St.Catherine’s ON will be hosting Pilates Process training! Beginning mid June 2023 the training begins the Foundational Reformer Course and is followed with Cadillac and Chair training in the Fall. Click here for more details. Do you ever ask yourself, “where can I find pilates near me for beginners”, or “where can I find pilates reformer classes near me?”. If so, our foundational reformer course is the perfect solution. 

“Having taken Pilates training in several different methods, I found the Pilates Process™ Reformer training to be exceptional. The instructors were hugely experienced and so eager to help every student improve their teaching abilities that it was an inspiring experience throughout. The passion for Pilates and for teaching was apparent from everyone I worked with. I have taken the Therapeutic Pilates Course (twice!) since then, and have had the same positive experience.”

Geordan Coupland

Pilates Instructor, Lethbridge, AB

“Taking the Therapeutic Pilates course with Laura has transformed me as a teacher. My assessment skills have improved immensely. Laura is an excellent communicator and her Therapeutic Pilates teacher training course is a must for any Pilates instructor working with injured populations or anyone with postural imbalances.”

Debbie Ross

Post Rehab Conditioning Specialist, Ross Pilates,Thunder Bay, ON