Pilates class using reformers in a well lit studio.
Bright, well equipped Pilates Studio showing reformers in either the Toronto or Vancouver location.
Laura Helsel, Pilates Process owner, and a student demonstrating reformer use.
Laura Helsel demonstrates Pilates core strength training on reformer.
Personal attention being paid to Pilates studio member.
Laura Helsel gives personal attention to a client in a adaptable, effective workout.
Plates Process equipment demonstrated to improve mobility.
Class showed in well lit studio for Pilates Process Teacher Training, available in Toronto and Vancouver
Pilates Process Toronto, Vancouver


Pilates Process Toronto, Vancouver
Pilates Process Toronto, Vancouver
Pilates Process Toronto, Vancouver: Core stability supports core strength training


Pilates Process Toronto, Vancouver: Personal Attention


Pilates Process Toronto, Vancouver: Adaptable, Effective Workouts
Pilates Process Toronto, Vancouver: Equipment helps to improve mobility with ease


Pilates Process Toronto, Vancouver: Teacher Training


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Pilates Process Toronto: a July reopening!

We are re-opening for private sessions on July 17th! We’ll be adding in small groups over the following weeks. Capacity is limited and masks are required. 

Contact us today to reserve your spot and get moving!

The Pilates Process Vancouver studio is fully open for all services.

Interested in teaching?  Teacher Training courses are now offered as a hybrid of online and in-studio sessions.


Pilates Process™ Video-On-Demand

We've carefully developed our library to offer a broad range of fitness and movement choices to support a healthy lifestyle. Effective videos for when you have only 5 minutes to release shoulder tension or whole hour to devote to a full body workout.

Learn more about our Video-On-Demand offerings.

Exceptional Teachers – Therapeutic Pilates – Small Classes

The Pilates Process method offers a refined approach to fitness and rehabilitation that is adaptable for all ranges of fitness and injury.  We have been well established in Toronto for 20 years, offering classes, exceptional teacher training, and Franklin Method workshops.

In 2019, two of our highly experienced teacher trainers opened Pilates Process Vancouver.

Our certified Pilates Process teachers skillfully personalize your workout to effectively address postural alignment, muscle imbalances, vulnerabilities and flexibility within a supportive and encouraging environment. We are continuously evolving, implementing new techniques that incorporate the latest research on biomechanics, core stability, and fitness.

Whether you are considering Pilates for back pain, or neck tension, if you’re getting ready to run a marathon, or are interested in becoming an instructor through our Toronto or Vancouver Pilates studios, we meet your personal goals with safe, effective workouts to achieve maximum results.

Stay up to date with Pilates Process and get health and wellness tips from Laura by reading our Blog, and get in touch with us directly; our address, email and phone number are on our Contact Page, or at the bottom of this page.


Reformer Teacher Training begins in Toronto on September 11th!

Whether you’re a movement teacher eager to add equipment certification or you just love Pilates and want to jump on the path to teaching, we offer courses and training that can you on the path to success. Our foundational mat course teaches the basics from the ground up.  Exact Dates coming soon!

Toronto Pilates Mat Courses, Instructor on Mat
Toronto Pilates Movement Workshops, Instructor holding spine model

Virtual Franklin Method Workshops
May 14th – May 28th – June 11th

If you want to move with greater ease and efficiency, to better sense your body and gain improved coordination, then the Franklin Method® is for you. These 75 minute workshops lead participants through sensory techniques, dynamic imagery and gentle exercise to leave you not only refreshed and focused but also with the takeaway tools to break habitual stress patterns. The fee for each workshop is $35 + HST or $90 for the series. This includes a follow up recording for a week of practiced integration.

May 14th 1:00 with Paul “Ease the Feet & Knees”

May 28th 3:00 with Sean” FM for the Hip & Knees”

June 11th 1:00 with Laura “The Springy Spine”

Curious? Contact us for more information or click here to register via MindBody.

“I am so blown away by the quality of teachers I meet who have completed your teacher training programs, and I myself would love to update my certification with one of your courses.”


Body Mason Studio Owner

“Laura is a lifesaver. I came to her after years of physiotherapy and medical attention for my dislocated shoulder and torn ligaments in my knee. Laura’s attention to detail and knowledge in rehabilitation helped me to build up the micro muscles around my knee and to increase mobility in my shoulders. Not only did it alleviate the pain, it took away the backaches that were associated with it. With a stronger core and bigger range of motion it took 5 strokes off my golf game!”

Brad Meiers

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