A Proprietary, Specific Approach



We Adapt Pilates to the Person.

The Pilates Process method grew out of our initial focus on post-rehab work – clients coming to Pilates to address injury and pain. As we adapted Pilates to be more effective for these clients, we quickly realized that the changes were better for everyone, promoting efficiency, healthy mechanics and cueing to avoid bracing muscles.

Our teachers have skilled therapeutic training so they can proactively identify poor function and vulnerabilities. They can be more effective at improving high risk areas that aren’t injured, making your body more resilient and less prone to possible future injury.


Pilate Process Method Teachers are Trained and Specifically Chosen to Work in Our Studio.

Our teachers are deeply committed and passionate. Each of our teachers brings their individual teaching styles, favourite exercises and different strengths to their work in our studio, always grounded in our proprietary Pilates Process Method training.

We all work with the same core beliefs in movement efficiency, continually updating our approach to core function, all of us obsessed with learning and exploring.



Our Pilates Process Studios are Fully Equipped.

Pilates was created as a full body, wholistic workout on spring-based equipment, with mat work as only one partial component. With a full range of equipment, the benefits are numerous:

  •  A more diversified workout
  •  Developing your range of motion without force.
  •  Improving your proprioception with closed chain exercises.
  •  Increasing the challenges to your core stability and core strength.
  •  Establishing stepping stones for your individual progression.



The Pilates Process Method has proven its effectiveness over time.

We have established our proprietary approach over the past 20 years, continually working, learning and innovating. Many of our clients have been with us from the beginning. As each client’s needs and goals may shift over time, we can adapt and change our workout as required.

We take our work with clients very seriously, focused on working towards each person’s individual goals, in a relaxed, friendly and caring atmosphere.

If you would like to book a free 15 minute consultation, or book an introductory private session, start by completing our intake form. We will contact you via email to help you get started.