Heather Kincaid

Registered Massage Therapist, B Sc.

Heather has extensive experience in rehabilitation, perinatal, relaxation and sports massage and can specifically address injuries having co-treated with many physiotherapists, chiropractors, family doctors, kinesiologists, personal trainers and other massage therapists. We are fortunate to have had Heather as a part of our team for over 10 years.

90 min $ 126.00

60 min $ 90.00

45 min $ 74.00

30 min  $ 58.00 

*Prices do not include HST

Thai Massage with Paul Guitard

Adding to his many talents, Paul Guitard is also a certified Thai Massage Therapist.  A beautiful blend of gentle mobilization, stretching and massage, Thai Massage is often referred to as Passive Yoga.

 Contact: Paul directly to inquire or book.

Cost:  $ 70.00

* Special introductory session rate of $ 40.00

*Prices do not include HST