Therapeutic Massage

Heather Kincaid

Heather Kincaid

Registered Massage Therapist, B Sc.

Heather has extensive experience in rehabilitation, perinatal, relaxation and sports massage and can specifically address injuries having co-treated with many physiotherapists, chiropractors, family doctors, kinesiologists, personal trainers and other massage therapists. We are fortunate to have had Heather as a part of our team for over 12 years.

Massage Therapy Pricing:

(Prices do not include HST)

60 min $ 96.00

90 min $ 135.00

45 min $ 80.00

30 min $ 65.00

Paul Guitard

Paul Guitard

Thai Massage Therapist

Adding to his many talents, Paul Guitard is also a certified Thai Massage Therapist. A beautiful blend of gentle mobilization, stretching and massage, Thai Massage helps develop flexibility and freedom in joints and tissue. Paul’s specific approach helps you to gently access your underlying flexibility rather than force joints into ranges. Like our Pilates approach, Paul coaxes and encourages the body, never forces.  Thai Massage is often referred to as Passive Yoga.

Contact Paul directly to inquire or book.

Thai Massage Pricing:

(Prices do not include HST)


60 min $ 70.00

Special introductory session rate of $40.00