Massage & Physiotherapy

Heather Kincaid

Heather Kincaid

Registered Massage Therapist, B Sc.

Heather has extensive experience in rehabilitation, perinatal, relaxation and sports massage and can specifically address injuries having co-treated with many physiotherapists, chiropractors, family doctors, kinesiologists, personal trainers and other massage therapists. We are fortunate to have had Heather as a part of our team for over 12 years.

NOTE: Heather is available for limited treatments as of June 1st 2020

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Massage Therapy Pricing:

(Prices do not include HST)

60 min $ 105.00
90 min $ 145.00
45 min $ 88.00
30 min $ 75.00
Paul Guitard

Paul Guitard

Thai Massage Therapist

Adding to his many talents, Paul Guitard is also a certified Thai Massage Therapist. A beautiful blend of gentle mobilization, stretching and massage, Thai Massage helps develop flexibility and freedom in joints and tissue. Paul’s specific approach helps you to gently access your underlying flexibility rather than force joints into ranges. Like our Pilates approach, Paul coaxes and encourages the body, never forces.  Thai Massage is often referred to as Passive Yoga.

Note: Currently Thai Massage Services are suspended due to concerns surrounding Covid 19.

Contact Paul directly to inquire or book.

Thai Massage Pricing:

(Prices do not include HST)

60 min $ 70.00
Special introductory session rate of $40.00  
Ellen Leung, PT

Ellen Leung, PT


Photo: Ellen Leung with Laura and Paul at Bridgepoint Hospital

As a long time client of Pilates Process, Ellen quickly recognized the parallel values between physiotherapy and Pilates and was so impressed that she went on to complete her Mat and Reformer teacher training. Having worked in rehabilitation for 15 years with various populations, Ellen’s strengths lie in approaching movement limitations holistically and working closely with her clients to achieve meaningful gains. She also draws from supplementary training inclusive of acupuncture, therapeutic taping, myofascial release, manual therapy and Bobath training for neurological rehabilitation.  Ellen is passionate about her work and enjoys sharing her insights as a clinical educator.  When she’s not thinking up new exercises, she enjoys staying active with her kids. Ellen gave birth to Rhys, her third son, in January 2021 and we look forward to having her back in the studio in the spring.

Leigh Ann Sexton, PT has joined our team taking over for her colleague Ellen Leung. An experienced and compassionate physical therapist, her 15 year career has been strongly focused on orthopaedics.  She has added to her education with courses in manual therapy, acupuncture, soft tissue and myofascial release as well as specialized exercise prescription. Leigh Ann believes in the power of movement and balance to achieve meaningful change. As a busy mother of three, she recognizes the importance of healthy functional movement. Currently, she is missing playing hockey and basketball but is enjoying having more time to run and practice pilates and yoga. 

Contact us to inquire or book an assessment.

NOTE: Ellen is available for video or in-person treatments as of June 1st 2020

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Physiotherapy Pricing:
60 min Assessment or Treatment $ 125.00
Follow up 30 min appointment $ 80.00  
Pilates Sessions with a PTA 50 mins $ 95.00  

If the Physiotherapist recommends specific exercise components as part of the treatment plan, she may recommend Pilates sessions with a PTA. These classes would be covered by insurance under the umbrella of physiotherapy.