This workshop is for all runners – experts and new enthusiasts alike as well as Pilates teachers interested in honing their specific coaching skills. Participants will be led by workshop creator Tiffany Johns who is a kinesiologist and avid runner herself as well as a co-owner of Pilates Process Vancouver.  Tiffany will take participants through the mechanics we need to consider for running, key strength components we can improve through the pilates modality, and her favorite exercises she uses for her running clients.
Tiffany will touch on basic information on ground reaction forces, the importance of graded exposure and consistency, as well as tendon adaptations, and how plyometrics fit in to supplementary training for running.

Participants will walk away with an understanding of how to create their own path forward to improved running form and efficient power.

Spaces are limited.

Friday March 22nd
2:30pm – 5:00pm
Pilates Process Toronto

Contact us to register!